Bikes on Campus

Sustainable Empowering Bicycle Education

Amazing experiential bicycle skill development for college campuses.  Expert instruction in riding and maintenance. Consultation on shop set up, tool purchase, program development, bicycle parking.  


Bikes on Campus is a unique opportunity for students to apply critical thinking skills using their own hands. 

BikesonCampus students watching bike repair demo

Our clients include: 

Bikes on Campus is a turnkey educational program that takes a bike fleet on campus and turns it into an amazing educational opportunity. 

Institutions gain a unique kinesthetic diagnosis and critical thinking application on campus.   

College Administrators gain an innovative addition to student life, safer bikes on campus and fewer programing challenges. 

Campus Security enjoys fewer broken / abandoned bikes.  

Sustainability Coordinators get a viable tool to help them meet their campus carbon or air-quality goals.  

Students gain an once in a lifetime opportunity to expand and apply their analytical skills in an applied, physical setting that will  transform their perception of themselves. 


We start with your existing campus bike fleet or start one for you.  Then we set up a specialized, portable tool / work system for the bikes that will remain with the campus.   Add students, master mechanics and teachers and over a well proven immersion weekend, transform both students and bikes.  Ongoing classes are booked on a biannual / annual basis and a local bike shop is included to provide local support.  Bikes on Campus provides regular support to the program leaders on campus as needed. 

Students develop deeply practical skills such as: 

  • Mechanical System Diagnosis with and without tools.
  • Understanding of the useful life of a system.
  • Differentiation between serviceable and disposable. 
  • Appreciation of quality and design. 
  • Competency with tools.

Bikes on Campus adds tremendous benefit to the simple idea of bikes on a campus!

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Erik West’s bike maintenance course has been an integral part of supporting a bike culture at Bowdoin College. His friendly and approachable manner, combined with his thorough knowledge of bikes, has made his course incredibly popular among our students.
— Keisha Payson, Sustainability Coordinator, Bowdoin College